Pre & Post-Natal Massage

A postnatal massage is excellent for finding comfort and relief for your post pregnancy stage. The post-pregnancy period is a time when you need to go slow with your body that is trying to recuperate to its normal state. This is the best time to help your body in the healing process with a soothing postnatal massage. Many women experience mild to severe cramping during the postnatal stage. A postnatal massage aims at reducing afterbirth pain and discomfort, bringing you that much needed comfort and relief.

Feel free to contact these therapist:

Z. Siti Aiysah
Body Therapist
Tel: 8406 0484

Pre-Natal Massage: $75 for 90 mins session
Post-Natal Massage: $500 (5 days) or $700 (7 days) for 90 mins session

Includes wrap. Last massage session includes scrub.


  • Javanese Massage
  • Indonesian Massage
  • Baby Massage
  • Srulex Massage
  • Tummy Trimming
  • Post Natal Treatment
  • Pre Natal Treatment
  • Ginger Treatment
  • Body Scrub
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Unisex
  • Ear Candling
  • Islandwide
  • Outcall service at the comfort of your home
  • Please make your reservation 2 days in advanced

Hamidah Osman
Tel: 9272 8799

7-Day Package: $500
10-Day Package: $700


  • 1-hr full body massage, tummy massage with slimming hot cream, tummy binding with personal long cloth (to be returned).
  • All services/massage will be done privately at the comfort of your house.
  • A portable massage bed, towel and related products will be provided.
  • There will be a confirmation booking fee of $100.
  • If interested, please make confirmation booking 3 months before EDD.

Tel: 8136 9936

Pre-Natal Massage: $65 (1 hr)
Post-Natal Massage: $400 (5 days) for 1-hr session

Includes binder and baby oil massage

Tel: 9691 2469

Pre & Post Natal Massage: $60 for 1 hr 10 mins (includes wrap)

Dolly Lim
Body Therapist
Tel: 9873 2936

Post-Natal Massage: $55 for 70 mins of whole body massage inclusive of breast massage.
Includes cloth tummy wrap.
Package in 5, 7 or 10 sessions.
All sessions are to be consecutive days (except Sunday).

  • 10 Years Experience
  • Certificate in Post-Natal Massage with Traditional Tummy Wrap
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy
  • Specialised tummy wrap

Touch By Oda
Tel: 900 16192 (Nurul Marzuki)

Facebook Page:

Azura @ $700 (Post-Natal Massage)

  • *For 10 days
  • Basic Care
  • Complimentary 2 days Baby Massage
  • Complimentary 1 day Full Body Massage

Ixora @ $525 (Post-Natal Massage)

  • *For 7 days
  • Basic Care
  • Complimentary 1 day Baby Massage

Violet @ $400 (Post-Natal Massage)

  • *For 5 days
  • Basic Care

Ala Carte

  • Mummy Massage: $60 (60 Mins Full Body Swedish Massage)
  • Baby Massage: $15
  • Rental of massage bed: $70

All packages comes with Basic Care needs:

  • 90 mins full body Swedish massage
  • Application of jamuherbs/slimimg gel on tummy
  • Bengkung Wrap
  • Baby Aroda Oil
  • Blockducts and Breast engorgement massage

Mommy Precious Moments
 Tel: 822 12747 (Jainah)

Facebook Page:

Post-Natal Massage:
3-Day ($230)
5-Day ($370)
7-Day ($480)
10 Day ($650)

Pre-Natal Massage:
1-hr ($80)

Includes 1-hr full body massage, param on external body, pilis on forehead, tummy wrap (on loan).

Preg Massage Therapy
Tel: 9655 6112 (Sheron)


Post-Natal Massage:
10-Day ($780)

 Note:  Rates subject to change so please contact the therapist direct to reconfirm their individual rates. (Updated as at 18 Feb 2014)

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